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{ all | grown | up }

A CSI: NY AU Fic Series

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a co-written csi: ny au series

Welcome. This community came about when Ragna (afteriwake) decided to take the fics involving the character Robert Pino from nlb_fic as an adult to a new community. Emily iluvroadrunner6, whose character Lizzie Anderson from seeyouagain_fic is dating the adult Robert, suggested that we both post to this new community. The result is the new series "All Grown Up." These fics take place from Robert and Lizzie's college years and on. More characters will be introduced as time passes for the characters. Most of the characters in this AU are OCs. The main couple for this series is Robert Pino/Lizzie Anderson. Other characters and pairings include:

• Hannah Johnson
• James Hawthorne
• Kevin Townsend
• Mary Potter
• Ginny Potter
• Michael Malone
• Amy Lew
• Nicky Mullvaney
• Cait Callahan
• Nicky Mullvaney/Cait Callahan

There will also be fics with Robert's parents (Marty Pino/Rachel Wilkerson) and Lizzie‘s parents (Michael Anderson/Lauren Mullvaney), as well as the friendship between Rachel and Anderson.

Twin Sister Communities: nlb_ficseeyouagain_fic
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Other Communities: None Yet

All Grown Up Random Pairing Generator

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